Adidas men’s 3 strip jammer in black and white


I found these shorts featured on a great site called UK swimwear.  The Adidas Men’s 3 Stripe Jammer shorts come in stylish, classic jet black and white stripes. This is a famous Adidas Three Stripe design.  White stripes runs down the side of each leg, from the top to the bottom of the shorts. The front of mens swim shorts also displays the classic Adidas logo in white.

Adidas swim trunks

Adidas swim trunks are made from a reliable, strong fabric with this style coming in classic black with contrasting white detailing. This swimsuit works great for swimming, aqua sports and especially for triathlon training where you need a snug spandex like fit.  Adidas jammer shorts featuring the timeless Adidas Three Stripes design are never going to go out of style.

Adidas shorts are high quality and constructed with breathable fabric.  Adidas Men’s 3 Stripe Jammer shorts are manufactured with the exacting attention to detail and unbeatable high standards one would expect from Adidas. The durable yet flexible fabric ensures breathability and comfort even during the most gruelling triathalon workouts.

XtraLife Lycra

Adidas swim trunks are designed with your comfort in mind. These jammer shorts will help you put in the best possible performance and look hot while doing it. The Adidas Men’s 3 Stripe Jammer shorts are made with XtraLife Lycra, a revolutionary fabric which lasts far longer than other types of lycra. XtraLife has four-way stretch making it both comfortable and durable. More fade-resistant than other fabrics, XtraLife will stay looking fresh and vibrant even with regular wear and washing. The cut of the shorts combined with the flexible fabric produces a perfect fit for a handsome hunk. The Jammer shorts provide full support and comfort, however intense your athletic training.

Men’s swimtrunk from UK swimshop

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