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You can find a variety of swimwear styles at these top 10 places to buy swimsuits online.

      • Canyon beachwear– They have over fifty brands of swimwear. It’s a great selection with plenty of separates you can mix and match. You can also search for swimwear for a particular body type and and also by price range.
      • Couture candy– A hip swimwear store creates by a former Victoria’s Secret swimwear designer. They have great photographs showing back views of the swimwear plus you can zoom in. They have the newest and niche designers from Syla by Sylvie Cachay to Poko Pano’s Sao Paulo. Their swimwear merchandise is the type of hip swimwear that winds up in places like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.
      • Fig Leaves– This is another good online swimwear store. You can see the swimwear sorted into categories like style, price and colors. They also have good reviews on the various swimsuits. They strive to find unique brands for their line so you’ll find designers you’ve never heard of like Oskalily, Lepel and Pour Moi?.
      • Everything but water– For women of every shape they have high class swimwear from the likes of Lucky Brand, Kenneth Cole and Becca. They have a guide to finding the right style and fit as well as a good selection of pieces for particular figure characteristics, such as large bust.
      • J. Crew– You’re probably familiar with J. Crew it is sort of preppy so their swimsuit store is famous for the preppy look. They have classic styles that are still fun and flirty in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. This is a good place to mix and match for example, a solid color bikini bottom paired with a striped fun bikini top. You can find more muted conservative swimsuits and patterns bright ones alike.
      • Nancy Meyer– Looking for a luxurious designer swimsuit? This store gives you the pricey European brands like Roberto Cavilli, La Perla, Domani, and Eres Swimwear. It’s top of the line and you can definitely see the superior quality in the minute special details of the swimwear in their collection.
      • Malia Mills– The cool thing about this swimwear store is that they take the Canyon Beachwear mix and match idea and offer it in a wider array of sizes. Their sizes go up to 16 and you can buy a different size top and different size bottom. This is incredibly useful because you can custom engineer the perfect fit for your body. No more flopping out of a too small top that came with bottoms that fit you well.
      • Victoria’s Secret– Offers the ultimate store for the young ladies. The best part of the famous supermodels that model the swimwear collection. Great pictures, their catalog is almost like a fashion magazine. They’ve evolved their lingerie collections into a full apparel business, swimwear being a big part of that. There’s designs from Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole and DKNY, plus alot of their own Body by Victoria branded swimwear. VS has up to date swimwear but you do need a slender figure and should be a bit younger to wear some of these unforgiving skimpier styles.
      • Shop bop– Offers an eclectic mix of choices and good front and back view of the choices. Chic designers like Dione von Furstenberg and more hip lines like Milly, Brette Sandler, Fabucci, and Ella Moss are all feature. The selections and styles run the gamut.
      • Net-A-Porter– This swimwear store has some of the top swimwear designers featured, all in one place. You’ll find Chloe, Missoni, and Azzaro and more. Just a dazzling selection to marvel at.

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