New Pregnancy Bathing Suits from Nicole Michelle Maternity


This summer you’ll be seeing plenty of new sexy pregnancy swimwear. This new pregnancy bathing suit from Nicole Michelle maternity is adorable. She is a top of the line designer for maternity swimwear and it shows. This swim-dress has the sexy element with the gold sequin triangle top on one side. The black swimdress is sleek and flattering and will help you conceal your pregnancy nicely. If you are far along this swimsuit is perfect has the flowing black top will cover everything.

This sequin blackgold pregnancy swimsuit from Nicole Michelle maternity is gorgeous. It’s a triangle top style. The solid gold sequin decoration is mixed with black braided straps. THe top is fully lined and the bottoms are full coverage tie suit. This maternity bathing suit is designed to cover your entire bottom. If you are carrying pregnancy weight in your rear end, this swimsuit is going to be perfect for you.

Nicole Michelle Maternity

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