plus-size swimwear brands for size 12 and up

If you are plus size there are a few key things to keep in mind when swimsuit shopping. Never underestimate the power of solid color swimwear. Subtle color detailing adds that special touch to the swimsuit however look for suits in colors that are mostly solid colored. Darker colors are almost always more slenderizing but that does not mean you must only wear black.

For body shaping purposes look for swimsuits that give firm and strong support. That means solid built in bras, quality stretch fabric that gives a nice firm support system to the body, and other swimwear construction features such as strong straps and quility stictching. Avoid gaudy fabric patterns and heavy skirts or excess material as this will make you look heavier not lighter. You want clean lines and quality swimsuit construction. Deep jewel tone colors are great alternatives to black.

If you are shopping for swimwear in size 12 and up be sure to check out these swimwear brands for more ideas-

Shopping for swimwear size 12 and up

Plus size swimwear-brands

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