Saha swimwear turn heads sexy back


Turn heads with that sexy back! If you are looking for cutting edge styles for summer 2014 look no further than Saha swimwear. Saha swimwear is marketed toward a contemporary woman between the age of 25 and 35 years old. Monica Echeverri is the current creative director and Carlos Laverde Sales Manager is who created SAHA Swimwear in 2006.

SAHA was born under Monica’s vision. She started to design her own swimsuits designs according to her needs and wound up selling them to friends and acquaintances. She definitely has a knack for addressing specific fashion needs that were not satisfied by most brands in the Colombian swimsuit market. Shortly after Monica and Carlos got their bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Industrial engineering respectively, they decided to legally establish MODAMAR SAS, and developed SAHA’s as a brand.

This brand has a goal for all the designs to be comfortable swimwear but at the same time applying comfort to unique silhouettes, functionality and perfect fit. The features on these swimsuits are truly amazing. These flattering designs work for women who want to show their natural beauty without being totally overshadowed by the garments. SAHA swimsuits are assembled with invisible seams and the best materials, which is why so many of their swimsuits look great on all body types. If you are a contemporary young women, try these swimsuits as they offering comfort and versatility, and unique styles attributes.

Be sure to check out Saha Swimwear online and also, many boutiques carry their swimsuits as well. Saha swimsuits definitely look fantastic on the younger stylish, hip and contemporary woman.

Saha Swimwear

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