Swimwear brands for women with a large bust

If you have a large chest on top then you will want to seek out swimsuits with very sturdy straps. Look for an underwire support system built into the swimsuit itself so that you get a solid support and shaping effect.

Halter style tops can really help gather and group the chest as well. Look for wider straps with some substance to hold everything in place. The halter straps can also emphasize the shoulders thereby diminishing the look of a small chest by attracting attention to the arms.

Solid colors are always the most slenderizing however if you are plus size you don’t have to go with all black. Look for deeper tones and jewel tones like burgandy, deep purple, dark brown, gray, bronze or emerald colors.

If a solid color swimsuit makes you look like a beached whale look for interesteing detailing or trim with geometric designs to break up the suit expanse. Don’t get into too crazy patterns all over the suit though. Look for just enough pizaaz to break up the monotony of all one color.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of cleavage that most women would envy. Look for good uplifting support and be proud of what you have. Cleavage can be good for balancing the body out. For example, if you have a large bottom or tummy, then ample cleaving creates a balancing effect and makes you look like you have a better all around figure. Try these suggested brands for more swimwear ideas.

Swimwear brands for women with large bust

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